Welcome to the

2020 Sierra County Fair

Currently our 2020 Fair looks like this:

  • No indoor exhibits or vendors, and limited access to grounds.
  • Everyone must wear a mask/face shield & practice social distancing (or other restrictions imposed and/or CDC guidelines)
  • Rabbit show will be virtual, no rabbits on the fairgrounds. Complete your entries here, then go to this link for instructions for submitting rabbit photos.
  • All animals will leave the fair grounds at the end of show, regardless of placing. If your animal makes the sale, you will be responsible for getting your animal to the auction (location to be determined).
  • No clipping or shearing on grounds. Please arrive SHOW READY!
  • No pen fees. When you arrive keep your family’s animal(s) one pen away from another family’s.
  • Minimal tack, and keep your area clean, making sure it is CLEAN when you leave.
  • Be prepared to indicate animal destination at weigh-in.

WED, 10/7



ARRIVE @ 6 a.m.

ARRIVE @ 3 p.m.

SHOW @ 8 a.m.

SHOW @ 5 p.m

THU, 10/8



ARRIVE @ 6 a.m.

ARRIVE @ 1 p.m

SHOW @ 8 a.m.

SHOW @ 5 p.m.

FRI, 10/9

Poultry (No cages provided)

Horse Show (CITY ARENA)

ARRIVE @ 8 a.m.

Check-In @ 4 p.m.

SHOW @ 10 a.m.

SHOW @ 5 p.m.

SAT, 10/10

Junior Livestock Auction
(Location TBA)

6 p.m.

  • No Herdsmen Awards or Senior Round Robin this year.
  • New for the Auction: Buyers numbers will be $100/each, prepaid, which will be deducted from any purchases made. If buyer does not purchase an animal, money will be split per sale slot as add-on. Current requirements mandate temperatures taken upon entry & limiting number of people.
  • If health restrictions are updated to allow for indoor exhibits, vendors, and spectators, we will release additional information.
  • Deadline to enter livestock classes is 9/15/2019. Late entries accepted with a late fee of $25 per entry through Sept. 25. No livestock entries will be accepted after Sept. 25.
  • Please: log in under your 4-H Online account, if possible, to save time & effort. (Each entry gives you a chance to specify a different club or chapter.)

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